Alternative Medicine Retreats and Luxury Home Rentals in the Rainforest. Earth’s oldest detoxification and radiation therapy requires us to pin point the heavy metals and carcinogens with Calcium montmorillonite, better known as Bentonite clay. The oldest form of medicine and chemotherapy known to man.

Worlds Largest and Oldest Organic Pharmacy is Now Open

2-3 millions years ago, Volcan Baru in Panama erupted over Southern Costa Ricas Diques belt area, spewing ash loaded with iron, copper, magnesium and zinc. This mineral rich ash covered the ancient rainforest and killing the majority of species along with it. Now a ‘Living Clay’, Calcium montmorillonite,(Green Mayan Clay)found Costa Rica, this ancient ash is loaded with negatively charged ions, electrolytes, kaolin, (kaopectate) and lanolin including, silica, phyllosilicate, phosphates, magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium.

All minerals which carry the electrical potential in the cells, enabling the hormones, vitamins, and enzymes to function properly. Essential, each of these minerals and nutrients enhance the production of enzymes in all living organisms. Parasites and cancer cells are unable to reproduce in the presence of clay.

Unlike chemotherapy, clay acts with wisdom and intuition– finding and treating ‘only’ the areas in your body in need of repair. Clay removes radiation poisoning and is highly effective at treating and curing addictions, alcoholism and arthritis. Used to treat cataracts, diabetic neuropathy, pain, open wounds, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers, animal and poisonous insect bites, acne and anemia, there is virtually no digestive disease that clay will not treat.

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Heavy metals of mercury and aluminum can be found in over 120,000 packaged foods, vegetables, fruits, grains, pharmaceuticals, birth control substances, cosmetics, deodorants, shampoos, mouth wash, light bulbs, clothing, car seats, carpet, paint, ink, film and fabrics. Let’s not forget Teflon, Aspartame and artificial sweeteners, sugar substitutes and growth hormones? Still massively produced today, this dangerous alchemy of cocktails causes our guts to leak into places they shouldn’t be.
Ingestion of heavy and soft metals are responsible for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Autism, MS, Celiac, Osteoporosis, and most auto-immune dis-eases. 61% of public vaccines worldwide include heavy doses of mercury and aluminum, fluoride, and formaldehyde. In some cases, levels of mercury as high as 200 x the limits established by FDA before it was banned from commercial use in the 80’s? Or was it?

Extended soaking in bentonite mud baths is also proven to repair sprains, reverse bone disease and remove painful ganglion cysts and tumors.
Calcium Bentonite clay is a powerful agent of stimulation, transformation and transmission containing highly active ingredients, able to induce cellular rebuilding and to hasten all organic processes.