Vacation Home rental near Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula Rental by Owner includes Mud therapies and treatments are included in All inclusive Spa Packages. Holistic wellness and health retreats, medi-spa resorts in Costa Rica. Vacation home and house rentals with ocean views.

100's of Monkeys, Rivers, Pools, Hiking and Detoxification in Mud Baths.

Enliven your spirit, rejuvenate your deepest desires with the smells, sights and sounds of the rainforest at Osa Springs Vacation Home Rental and Rainforest Resort near Puerto Jimenez. Regardless if you are renting our vacation house as a home rental or booking an all-inclusive retreat, our mud and herbal therapies is just what you need. Explore 5 Elements of Health at Corcovado Springs on the Osa Peninsula in Southern Costa Rica. You can rent our ocean view home with medi-spa attached or join us on one of our health and discovery retreats.

Air/ Shinrin-yoku / Bathing in the Forest.

Under the rainforest canopy trees and plants create organic compounds called phytoncides which are released into the air. You’ll find phytoncides in spices, onion, garlic, tea tree, oak, cedar, locust, pine, oak and garlic. Produced during photosynthesis, most trees and plants produce a-pinene, carene, and myrcene, each an anti-microbial air-born mineral. Phytoncide also serves as a defense against temperature fluxuations, insects, fungus and particulates in the air such as pollution and even deflecting smoke from trees during forest fires. These air born anti-microbial minerals protect forest from harmful organisms such as bacteria, fungus and insects. The trees and plants release phytoncides, carene and monoterpenoids at dusk, dawn and during active lunar cycles charging the forests immune system. Immerse yourself into the rainforest and discover phytoncide therapy just by breathing deeply in 80% humidity. Bathing and breathing phytoncides and monoterpenoids reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, cures diabetes and acts as an Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and proven to boost our immune systems. The practice of Shinrin-yoku lowers reduces blood pressure, heart rate and decreases the risk of early mortality. The result of absorbing these healing elements while walking, sitting or bathing in the nutrient rich forest air is proven to;

• Increases parasympathetic nerve activity.
• Kills cancer tumors and promotes anti-cancer proteins.
• Proven to inhibit NK-( natural killer ) blood cell activity resulting in 35% drop in adrenaline levels.
• Breathing the highest levels of carene in the forest air while bathing relieves and treats arthritic conditions such as osteoporosis, bursitis and fibromyalgia.
• Is used for an antioxidant and works as an antibiotic.
• lowers concentrations of cortisol.
• Breathing this higher concentration of oxygen (O3) promotes the healing of bones, fractures and open sores.
• Children suffering and diagnosed with ADHD and ADD showed a reduction in related symptoms when exposed to phytoncide.
• Phytoncides decreases tension, depression, anger, hostility, fatigue, reduce confusion.
• Monoterpenoids and ozone found in untouched -primary rainforest create clarity, focus and enhances your mood.
Shrinrin-yoku – ‘Dosing in nature’ is just as important as monitoring your diet and improving the quality of the air we breathe and water we intake. Forest bathing ‘deep breathing therapy’ in nature should be part of your daily routine.

Your Body, Mind and Spirit will thank you. Re-wire your biology to the flora, fauna and healing waters of the most diverse place on earth. Home to the happiest people on earth! You'll be delighted with the Jurassic Park like surroundings. Excellent bird watching-130 species counted over the past few years! Our vacation resort - rental sleeps 8-10, and can be rented as 2 or 4+ bedroom home rental for large families. All rooms are screened, have luxury comfy linens, ceiling fans and reading lights so you can enjoy your vacation in comfort. We are located 400’ above sea level where it’s cooler. enjoy 2 open living rooms, 2 indoor living rooms, tiki bar and outdoor shower.

Professionally trained chef on site (MUST be pre-arranged), Yoga, Reiki and massage available right here on your own private 200+ acre wildlife reserve and Corcovado National Park is our back door. Sit at the horizon pool with a frosty umbrella drink and watch a myriad of birds ALL DAY LONG! Offering standard electricity (which most rental homes on the Osa do not offer), WiFi internet, on site guides, on site caretakers, housekeeping service, laundry available.Our Vacation Rental Home By Owner also serves a full service or help yourself Bnb patient recovery facility in rainforest.

Come see why the Osa Peninsula is referred to by National Geographic as “the most bio-intense” place on the planet!

Travelers beware of huge rental fees charged to you for vacationing in Costa Rica. Vacation Rental agencies tack of home rental fees onto your vacation to Costa Rica. Book direct with owner, get personalized service and a better – more affordable vacation. Vacation rentals through Airbnb rentals Puerto Jimenez, or VRBO, or vacation home rentals on Osa Peninsula.

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Fire Element / Ancient Fangotherapy / Therapeutic mud bath and clay treatments- Fango is the Italian word for mud. Clay and mud treatments are the oldest healing practices in the world! Fangotherapy,‘healing with clay’ is an ancient remedy. Famous Mayan green mud is found on ancient Mars riverbanks and found in Martian meteorites. This rare type of Bentonite is also found in Diques Delta of Southern Costa Rica is where clays contain high levels of montmorillonite, phyllosilicates and smectite minerals. For millions of years this ash was compacted under enormous pressure at bottom of the ocean. Now eroded and exposed along creeks and rivers in our rainforest. Our green Mayan clay is loaded with electrolytes, silica, phosphates, magnesium, zinc, copper, chromium, calcium, sodium and potassium. This sought after green mud is here at Southern Costa Rica’s newest medi-spa and mud treatment resort. Corcovado Springs brings the 5 elements together for a whole health experience. Mayan mud bath for ayurvedic treatments prevents rheumatism, guards against gout and is effective against some orthopedic disorders, breaks and sprains. Systematic mud baths and treatments remove heavy metal toxicity of mercury, asbestos, lead and arsenic that our bodies absorb from pesticides, cosmetics, industrial and cleaning solutions.
Our green bentonite clay is loaded with natural minerals that relieve and cure joint diseases such as osteoarthritis and bone marrow disorders such as osteoporosis. Mud therapy is ideal for someone undergoing radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Systematic mud treatments help autistic children and individuals recovering from toxicity of liver and various allopathic medical treatments. Clay baths, massages and treatments are a fantastic way to help relieve stress and relax. Fangotherapy provides many health benefits critical to your well-being including;

• Fangotherapy is ideal in conjunction with ozone therapies.
• Mud therapy helps fight cellulite and excess weight gain.
• Clay baths help the body recovering from chemotherapy.
• Ideal for radiation treatments and patients recovering from radiation or food poisoning.
• Stimulates the skin, detoxes & energizes the skin and internal organs.
• Beautifies, exfoliates and regenerates skin tissue.
• Helps heal skin lesions such as mosquito bites, acne, rashes and sun burn.
• Absorbs impurities, toxins, chemicals and pesticides from the skin tissue.
• Acts as a sedative for the central nervous system when applied to the spine and nap of neck.
• Balances the electromagnetic energy field of the body when applied as a complete body mask.

The diversity of the rainforest and the geology below at its buttresses produces electrolytes and an alchemy of minerals to provide immediate healing from whatever ails you. The modern world is just beginning to fully explore the depths of treatments using muds and clays in their healing practices. Internal and external mud therapies, massages and clay treatments are perfect for those suffering infections, inflammations, ulcers, Gastritis, Synovial fluid outflow, muscle tears, sprains, scars and allergies. A complete body mask of clay, balances the electro-magnetic energy field of the body freeing internal blockages and removing toxins from our physical bodies. Costa Rican’s believed ancient spirits called, “empachos,” or blockages taken away with clay treatments. Central American cultures believed bathing in mud balanced our energy and released our earthly spirits.
Fast forward 2500 years and you’ll find a handful of Holistic practitioners using ancient clay treatments as part of their healing practices. Systematic clay treatments are proven to lower depression, helps with menopausal symptoms and migraine headaches, helping the body detox from pollutants, burns, radiation and general everyday exposure to toxins in our environments. Mud therapies help people suffering from rheumatism, atherosclerosis, arthritis, tuberculosis and applying mud packs to sprains and fractures is well known to heal bones quicker. Our green clay at Corcovado Springs includes high levels of alumina- antiseptic minerals such as Kaolin and Lanolin, which are anti-oxidants and used on gauze, band-aids and to sterilize equipment in hospitals. You’ll also find trace elements of hematite, goethite, jarosite, iron sulfate, opaline silica, and gypsum minerals. This cosmic alchemy of minerals and nutrients reduces and relieves inflammation on skin lesions, mosquito and other insect bites, sun burn, rashes and is proven to remove acne. A complete body mask of green clay once or twice daily balances the electro-magnetic energy field of our bodies, recovering your spirit, mind and body. Mud therapies are a must if you are detoxing from glysophate, ill prescribed drugs or undergoing invasive therapies as a part of an allopathic medicine protocol.

Red and Green Mayan mud treatments have a varying effect on the skin and body. Soaking in our mud baths on full moon nights and during lunar events activates your nervous system and increase ionization levels with your body and your heart. Mud strengthens your immunity system, liver, kidneys and related tissue. Mud therapies increase your bio-magnetic charge and frequency.

We cannot emphasize enough how important and beneficial simple clay baths can be in the recovery process in cases where an individual must undergo invasive therapies including radiation therapy and chemotherapy. For individuals recovering from toxicity of liver and various allopathic medical treatments, clay baths are an essential way to help relieve stress and relax. Make clay mineral bath treatments part of your recovery process in Costa Rica
Note - Mud therapy is not suitable for people with serious heart problems or high blood pressure. Corcovado Springs Wellness Resort can also be rented as a 4-bedroom home. With or without spa. Our medi-spa pool is self ozoneating with bio-magnetic Nikola Tesla plumbing to charge water with ozone, vitality and lower PH.

Your family can rent Corcovado Springs Wellness Resort- Medi-Spa as a Vacation Home Rental. Sleeps 8 -10, 3 1/2 bath on 2 levels and 2 kitchens.

Jan 15- April 15 / June 15- Aug 15 - $ 2,750 - $3,850.00 weekly.
April 15- June 15 / Aug 15 – Nov 15 - $ 1,850 - $ 3,650 weekly.
Holidays / $3,300 - $4,500
Contact us for availability and tour information.

Pamper yourself- Go a la carte and just rent the house and make all your own arrangements for meals and tours. Ask about our Costa Rica medical stayvacation packages. Perfect for anyone seeking detoxification. The therapeutic grey and red clays found on our reserve are high on kaolin, magnesium, iron, sodium, orgone, calcium and potassium. The soils below the forest are enriched with electrolytes and the source of therapeutic treatments in Europe.