Vacation Home rental near Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula Rental by Owner includes Mud therapies and treatments are included in All inclusive Spa Packages. Holistic wellness and health retreats, medi-spa resorts in Costa Rica. Vacation home and house rentals with ocean views.

Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica Vacation Home Rentals with Medi-Spa.

Once your reservation is confirmed with us, we’ll go to work and make sure you’ll have a Costa Rica Vacation of a lifetime. Remember the beach is only minutes away, don’t forget your sunscreen. You’ll find zip line canopy tours, chocolate farms, fabulous beaches, kayaking, rivers, waterfall rappelling, boat tours. Take an early morning boat trip across the gulf, see dolphins, turtles and if you’re lucky humpback whales or even a Whale shark.

Earth / Rainforest Therapy / Heart Coherence

Herbs and Medicines from Rainforest.
Combined with clay therapy, medicinal baths and herbal treatments compliment your healing process. Depending on what ails you, we’ll prepare several baths with alchemy’s of Guanabana leaves, Ginger, Arnica, Turmeric and organic black pepper. To improve your immune system we prepare baths with Basil, Corteza, Cedar bark, San Pedro and Papaya leaves. Soaking in our baths after Martian mud therapy extends therapy session, absorb toxins, lead, mercury and poisoning from GMO foods and ‘unbeknownst’ toxins in our physiology. Finish off your day in our cool Ylang Ylang and orchid floral bath. An alchemy of cures awaits your mind, body and spirit in Costa Rica.
Diet and Organic Cuisine.
Tropical cuisine includes organic vegan dishes, fresh seafood from our gulf, organic pork and chicken prepared with coconut and olive oils, organic herbs and organically grown fruits and vegetables. Seasonally you’ll enjoy organic pineapples, mangos, papayas, star fruit, Guanabana (sour sop) and passion fruit. In our nursery you’ll find several types of tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, char, buckchoy, basil, lettuce, cilantro, several chilis, air potatoes, yucca and green beans. Together we’ll learn the importance of bio-dynamic gardening and how the Coriolis effect effects food quality and vitality. Enjoy professionally prepared meals, snacks, organic chocolates, milk, honey, coffees and teas. Take home with you- Abundant Health, Knowledge and Well Being.
Enjoy forest healing on our heart therapy trails. Walk lightly and sit still in forest, observes wildlife encircle you. Soon, Blue Morpho butterflies and exotic birds enliven your spirit and rejuvenate your deepest desires within. The smells, sights and sounds our Costa Rican rainforest. Experience 100’s of Titi-Squirrel Monkeys, Howler ‘Congo’ and White face monkeys. Visit several small pools in rainforest for an unforgettable soaking experience.

Chakra Heart Path -
There are seven main heart paths or what I like to call chakra trails, to keep your lungs and heart working a bit. Each trail is unique in the whole health process. Over 4 km. of trails meander to lagoons and through the forest leading to creeks and rivers filled with gold. Above and all around you, 800 year old trees still standing. Hiking helps to align your spine and open up channels of balance and atonement. There are several meditation and yoga areas along the heart path. Continue deep breathing to absorb humidity, air and earths purest water. Our trails meander through the rainforest like the swirling wheel of energy of our chakras. This invisible ethereal energy is also called Prana, Ch, Maya, Orgone and I believe Ozone. It is our vital life force, which keeps us vibrant, healthy, and alive.

Immerse yourself on a heart path to recovery. Abundant wildlife will amaze you and keep you present on your journeys. Daily you’ll see toucans, scarlet macaws, parrots, hawks and hummingbirds. Each day is filled with adventure and splendor. Visit our bamboo meditation areas for large groups. Finish your day at sunset on our Crown Chakra ridge trail. Diet, nutrition and exercise combined with mud and medicinal baths and therapies. We offer meditation, massage, yoga, reiki, earthing, orgone and hot stone therapies. Massage re-wires your biology and gives our bodies a chance to recover then stay healthy by staying connected to nature. Staying connected to nature is the biggest gift you can give a child. Book your health vacation stay today.

Once you rent with us, or join us for an all inclusive medi-spa adventure, you're sure to return to good health the momem you land in Puerto Jimenez. We’ll help you plan your perfect Costa Rica family vacation. Vacation Home rental rates are reasonable and affordable, great rental homes for families traveling together and is an exceptional choice if you are planning a summer vacation with your family or group of friends. Enjoy privacy and seclusion in the rainforest and rivers below and just a few minutes to the beach. According to National Geographic Magazine, The Osa Peninsula is the most bio diverse area in the world and Osa Springs is located right in the middle, surrounded by three types of monkeys, exotic birds and 100’s of curious critters in the rain forest. Contact us for availability and for more info on amenities. Avoid Airbnb rental agency fees, book direct with rental by owner, get personal attention and save vacation dollars for your vacation.

Matapalo Surf Overhead Break Surf In Osa Peninsula 1 Hr. Away Costa Rica Surf
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Osa Peninsula eco tours are the best in Costa Rica as you meet local Costa Ricans and their families engaged in conservation and eco tourism community efforts. Unlimited touring options in the middle of our rainforest and we are close to private beaches near Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula Wildlife Refuges, Adventure out and explore fun these fun eco tours;

• Osa Wildlife Sanctuary – Meet Poppy! (age 7 and above)
• Dolphin Boat and Snorkel Tour (not recommended for kids3 and under)
• Kayaking in Mangroves
• Zip Line Canopy Tour in La Palma with a great bar & restaurant ( Pizza, Comida Tipica )
• BBQ and Seafood near our rentals.
• Finca Kobo - Chocolate Tour – The girls will luv ya!
• Guided hikes near Corcovado National Park
• Waterfall Rappelling and Exploring
• Horseback Riding
• Visit Corcovado National Park
• Surfing and wake boarding
• Inshore and off shore fishing
• Birdwatching and Butterfly farm – See 100’s Blue Morphos
• Caiman lagoon and croc spotting in the mangroves in Puerto Jimenez
• Massage, Reiki, Yoga and Chef available for hire

Once you rent with us, we help you with domestic airfare with discount codes and car rental to Southern Costa Rica for an eco travel adventure of your lifetime. All travel help is free of charge for our guests, no additional or marked up rates.
All Inclusive packages are custom tailored and can include Mud and floral bath treatments including Guanabana leaf’s, avocado, ginger, turmeric, cilantro, coconut treatments with San Pedro and papaya leaves. Truly a whole healing experience.

Red and Green Mayan Mud treatments have a varying effect on the skin and body. Soaking in our mud baths on full moon nights and during lunar events activates your nervous system and increase ionization levels with your body and your heart. Mud strengthens your imunity system, liver, kidneys and related tissue. The ancient doctors were right. Mud increases your bio-magnetic charge and frequency, your ‘vitality’ and your ‘Libido’ meter.
Here on The Osa Peninsula, where rainforest touches the sea, you will find the purest drinking water in the world surrounded by the freshest and purest oxygen in the world.

Reconnect with nature and treat yourself to some Martian mud therapies and let cosmos absorb your toxins, lead and mercury away. Mud treatments combined with organic cuisine, massage, meditation and essential oils play into the whole health healing required to re-wire our biology to give our bodies a chance to recover from years of GMO pesticides and accumulated heavy metals. Let the ancient Mayan mud of Osa Springs Resort and vacation home rental rejuvenate your skin, cleanse your soul and lift your spirit. Book your vacation rental and mud therapy vacation today

Save up to $900 on weekly home rentals by booking direct with owners Michael n Blondie. 5 Houses to choose from. Avoid traveler’s fees, book direct with owner and save 20%. Rent by owner and we’ll help you with tours, hiking and fun with dolphins. Book your vacation with them and waste your hard - earned vacation dollars.