Vacation Home rental near Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula Rental by Owner includes Mud therapies and treatments are included in All inclusive Spa Packages. Holistic wellness and health retreats, medi-spa resorts in Costa Rica. Vacation home and house rentals with ocean views.

Luxury and Comfort, Earth Treatments, Ocean View with a Great Pool !

• OCEAN VIEWS from BOTH Levels and the POOL
• Tropical Greek Architecture Flowing Whites and Pops of Color
• 200+acre TOTALLY PRIVATE Wildlife Reserve
• On Site Guide
• Professionally Trained Private Chef Available
• COMPLETE & TOTAL PRIVACY no other guests
• Family Friendly- Sleeps up to 11/ Wheelchair friendly
• Minutes to Beaches
• Indoor/Outdoor Telsa Self Operating Health Ozone Pool- One of a Kind with Sit Up Bars
• Manicured Gardens Attracting Exotic Tropical Birds- Lush Exotic Tropical Organic Gardens
• SPA SERVICES: Massage of Different Specialties/Reiki/Yoga plus more
• 2 Fully Furnished and Equipped Kitchens -one is a Bali Tica Kitchen Bar at the POOL
• 2 Indoor Living Rooms
• 2 Open Air Living Rooms
• 4 or 5 Bedrooms/3 Full Baths
• Private Parking
• 24/7 Security and Caretaker
• Complimentary Travel Service to Make Your Trip Seamless (no additional fee, no mark-ups nor commissions accepted_
• ALL-Inclusive packages available including accommodations, meals, tours
• Weddings/Family Reunions/Corporate or Business and Workshops/Retreats

Osa Peninsula has the most spectacular wildlife in the world! No joke, view 100's of monkeys, birds and wildlife right from our living room and pool. And with no other guests to walk by your doors and windows, there is no one to disturb you or wildlife viewing. Truly the most relaxing way to see nature and endangered wildlife in Costa Rica. Monkeys, Kinkajous and Parrots pass by daily. Basilisk lizards skim across the pool each morning as the rainforest unfolds. We've counted over 500+ monkeys living on our reserve. And these are the "endangered" Titi monkeys! We also see Congo (Howler) monkeys, they hang out above the house regularly, White Face (Cara Blanca, Red Lore Parrots, Blue crowned Motmots, Aracari and Chestnut mandible Toucans....without leaving your rental home. We lost track of bird identification there are so may. One can spot 40-50 species of birds in one morning. The Osa Peninsula has less tourists, more nature, more wildlife, birds and monkeys than anywhere in the world. Check out the newly remodeled amenities at Osa Springs Home Rental near Corcovado National Park. No fees.

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Water - Balneotherapy – ancient tradition of healing with water. 2500 years ago, Hippocrates, the ‘father of modern medicine’ practiced the oldest form of therapy in world. Healing with water, or balneotherapy is a form of hydrotherapy and is only taught in rheumatology departments in Europe and Asia universities. Their, holistic educators and practitioners prescribe water therapies for a variety of conditions including arthritis, fibromyalgia, asthma, eczema, skin disorders, burns and cuts. Bathing and drinking in natural ionized spring water is proven to help with depression and lower blood pressure. Guarded in the cool shade of the forest, precious water is filled with vitality, high levels of ozone, electrolytes, essential oils and minerals. In a drop of water at tip of each plant leaf, or at the confluence of where two rivers meet, you’ll find a perfect balance of Yin and Yan energy in each precious drop of water. In waters purest state dwells access to a higher collective consciousness, where balance and clarity help you find your true source of life in Earths most bio intensive forest. Nature like none other on the Osa Peninsula.

Bio Magnetic Water Distribution-
Pure spring water running through PVC plastic piping is deadened and tasteless and possibly the cause of many illnesses and cancers. Lucky for us, water has the ability to re structure and regain its vitality - reforming its memory just like we see in hurricanes, rip tide currents, tornados. Waters memory is easily seen in a rivers eddy current. Revitalizing drinking water to get Gamma energy back into water. The quality of your drinking water is important to your long term health. Keeping fluoride and heavy metals away from your bodies and detoxify. Fountain of Youth in Costa Rica’s most precious rainforest -

All drinking, bathing and water in our organic gardens is ozoneated with bio-organic filtering to revitalize water before it touches your skin and is absorbed into your body. Just breathing and drinking rainforest air and water adds days to your life. It’s no surprise Costa Rican’s are ‘The Happiest People on Earth’, with over 400” of non-polluted rainfall falling on forest each year. It’s true. It is in the water. Osa Peninsula’s Fountain of Youth flows out from Earths most diverse forest. Where rainforest touches the sea, you’ll find the purest drinking water in the world surrounded by the freshest and purest oxygen in the world.